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Greek123 Greek School Books

Greek123 Greek School Books

Greek123 Greek School Books

A proven step-by step-method to fluency


Welcome to Greek123, the leading provider of Greek school books. Our unique approach combines a top-down curriculum with fun and intuitive teaching methods with proven results.


How it all started


It all started in 1956 when Theodore C. Papaloizos, Ph. D. developed a brand new method of teaching Greek as a second language. He began as an author of Greek textbooks in their simplest form. Over the years, his learning methods were adapted and his textbooks used by thousands of teachers, schools, and universities around the world.


At Greek123, we understand that language learning is a lifelong journey. That’s why we equip learners with the tools they need to build fluency and comprehension in Greek from the very beginning. Our method has been refined over the years to promote success through a proven system customized for each student based on their age, level of fluency, and desired pace.


Our structured method uses textbooks, learning resources, and a digital platform to create innovative courses that motivate students and make learning fun! Each unit has thorough practice for all skills – Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking, as well as a featured grammar point.


Greek123 proven step-by-step roadmap


Experience the Heritage


Our curriculum is rich in cultural content, bringing the Greek experience to students. Traditions, customs, and everyday events are brought to life through ongoing stories and special sections with fun and creative craft activities, cultural references relating to important Greek holidays, level-appropriate vocabulary relating to cultural topics, as well as songs, poems, and plays for schools to show parents how much their children have learned and developed in learning the Greek language.


Greek123 is committed to providing the most effective language learning experience possible. Our approach is designed to help you reach fluency in Greek as quickly and easily as possible.


greek language learning method time tested


Take a look at some of the benefits of our teaching methods:


  • Suitable for all levels – beginner through advanced learner
  • Interactive learning – geared toward motivating students with rich cultural content and activities related to grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and more
  • Robust system –  refined over time to promote success through a proven method customized to each student

Young Learners



Preschool book set



Geia Xara Kindergarten Package


Advanced Kindergarten

Advanced Kindergarten Student's Book


School Age


Level 1

Geia Xara Level 1 Student's Book


Level 2

geia xara level 2 package


Level 3

Γεια Χαρα Geia Xara Level 3 package


Level 4

Γεια Χαρα Geia Xara level 4 package


Level 5

geia xara level 5 package


Level 6



Level 7






Modern Greek for Beginners

modern greek cd


Advanced Modern Greek Part II

Advanced Modern Greek Part II


Using Greek123 to evaluate the student’s progress


As a Greek language learning teacher, it is important to evaluate each student’s progress objectively. It is done by measuring their language skills using a language assessment tool, such as the Greek123 digital platform. This system provides users with a wide range of options, including vocabulary tests, grammar quizzes, and translation exercises.


Greek123 is the leading resource for language learning, with over 60 years of experience. Our Greek school books are fun and easy , while our teaching methods have been proven effective by schools all over the world. Try Greek123 today and see for yourself how we can help you reach your language goal!


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