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Product Previews & Sample Material Request

Lessons from our Student’s Books, Activity Books, and Auxiliary Books can be viewed by clicking on the PDF image on each product page, by simply clicking the PDF icon below the product image.

If you need a more thorough review of specific titles or our entire curriculum, we would be pleased to send samples to your organization for a 30-day, no obligation review. They’re yours to use for the review period and we’ll add a return label so you can return them easily and at no cost. In addition to book samples, we will also provide your school a free customized trial account to the digital platform.

Please contact us to request samples.


I just wanted to write and tell you what a wonderful job you have done with your new books. I have been teaching Greek school for eighteen years and have learned through experience, that your books are the BEST tools in teaching the Greek language to American born Greek kids. The teachers are so excited to have these updated books to use and the children love them as well. I am absolutely thrilled to see such wonderful progress!”

Greek School Director