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Greek language lessons for adults, students and kids

Modern Greek language learning in one simple package

For over 60 years, Greek123 has been introducing learners to the wonders and charms of one of the world’s oldest languages. Our Greek language lessons are your point of entry to a tradition like no other, using a fun and intuitive model that has become the standard for schools all over the world.

Like Greek itself, we change with the times, continually improving our curriculum and approach. Greek123’s renowned Student Books provide a comprehensive introduction to the modern language that no other program can match, augmented with a rich digital platform, audio/video resources, animated games and more!

Here’s how we help you learn and teach Greek

  • Schools around the world, and hundreds of thousands of independent learners, trust the Greek123 curriculum because it has been proven to work better than any other system.
  • Level up at your own pace with a step-by-step program that continually reinforces the basics.
  • Link reading to speech with by listening to sample dialogues performed by native speakers. Lessons emphasize speaking exercises, getting you ready to make connections in your new language.

Resources developed by top educators

Greek123 can be adapted for classroom learning, home study and even on the go! We adhere to the rigor and detail of the Hellenic Ministry of Education’s own guidelines so you learn Greek just like the Greeks do—customized for learners living outside the country. You’ll master each of the core learning standards for foreign language education: Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening.

  • We apply motivational gameplay methodology on our digital platform to make fluency fun via games, animated videos, songs and quizzes.
  • Learn and teach on the go on your favorite devices.
  • Easy for parents to track students’ progress, help their children and learn alongside.
  • Practice for oral and written Greek proficiency exams and other certifications.



Our Greek language lessons immerse you in the history, art and traditions of the land that gave birth to Western culture as we know it, helping you to not only learn grammar and pronunciation, but also to understand its meaning and spirit.

We believe every learner should graduate from Greek123 with a genuine immersion in the culture, so that when you’re ready to talk in real life you already have common ground with native speakers.


Start learning now by choosing one of our comprehensive packages for teachers and learners of all ages and competencies.


Young Learners

  • Our GX-integrated three-stage approach (preschool, kindergarten, kindergarten II) gently guides our littlest learners through the basics of reading, writing, speaking and listening in Greek.
  • They’ll love meeting characters like Rita and Pi, the mischievous cat and mouse duo whose adventures across Greece always leave just enough time to sneak in lessons on how to form letters into words, recognize every day objects, and master pronunciation.
  • Core Student & Activity Books are clearly divided into lessons and reviews, creating a structure that makes it easy to track your child’s progress.
  • Each lesson on the digital platform contains animated videos and songs, games, puzzles, and quizzes. Teachers’ tools include guides, how-to videos, audio downloads, and student reporting.

School Age

  • From age 6 to 11 children’s brains make profound strides. Our seven-level Greek language lessons are with them every step of the way.
  • In the initial stages, they’ll be guided by fun characters just like themselves, making the learning process fun. As they get a little older, our texts mature as well, introducing fascinating stories from Greek literature and mythology.
  • Core Student & Activity Books are supplemented by all the tools a language learner needs, including grammar and vocabulary exercises, English-Greek glossaries and more.
  • Each lesson on the GX digital platform includes animated videos and songs, games, puzzles, and quizzes. Teacher’s tools include teacher’s guides, how to videos, audio downloads and student reporting.


  • Developed over the course of 65 years by Greek language expert Dr. Theodore Papaloizos, Greek123’s textbooks have become the standard for serious high school, university and adult learners.
  • Featuring over 500 pages of content, a complete English-to-Greek dictionary, audio program and Modern Greek Dialogues DVD, the accelerated Modern Greek for Beginners module is ideal for self-directed students or as a supplement to classroom teaching.
  • Our advanced adult stream is based upon Advanced Modern Greek Part II, a seminal guide to truly mastering the language at its most nuanced and sophisticated.
  • The advanced package also includes 333 Modern Greek Verbs, widely considered one of the best texts ever produced on verb conjugation.