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Learning points

  • Student’s Book
  • Activity & Culture Book
  • 12 Month Student’s Digital Subscription
  • Free Teacher Digital Access
  • Teacher’s Guides, Assessments, Audio Downloads, Digital Reporting
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Learning Points: Our Level 4 series further expands on the grammar theory of our first three levels as students become increasingly proficient in Greek. Specifically, the curriculum includes an introduction of the following: the simple subjunctive and simple imperative cases of both regular and irregular verbs; the genitive case and conjugation of nouns; the accusative form of nouns and their preceding prepositions; new adjectives, adjective comparisons, and the adjective plural form; indefinite and demonstrative pronouns; and personal pronouns in the accusative form. Additionally, Level 4 reviews simple past and future tenses of regular/irregular verbs while also introducing the future continuous tense. Moreover, students will enjoy lessons and exercises aimed at elevating their speaking and conversation skills. In fact, our curriculum features an ongoing storyline designed to engage young learners and foster their interest in Greek culture and language.

The Story: The adventures of Niko and Eleni continue. Travel back in time with our heroes to ancient Athens (before it was called Athens, that is) to help the goddess Athena win a contest against the god Poseidon. Whoever wins the favor of the city’s citizens and Cecrops, the mythical half-man/half-snake king, earns the honor of naming the city!

Practice: There is thorough practice of all skills – Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking – in each unit as well as a featured grammar point. Teachers and students are given all the tools necessary for the Level 4  path toward certification and fluency.

Student’s & Activity Books: Students Book contains 215 lessons, and 4 review sections. A myriad of exercises and activities can be found for each lesson in the Activity Book, as well as a special cultural sections with plays, poems, readings and activities.

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