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  • Student’s Book
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Learning Points: The curriculum reinforces grammar from previous levels and includes an introduction of the following:      Past continuous and present perfect tenses; declension on new nouns; Simple Imperative in irregular verbs, its negative form, and in conjunction with the weak form of personal pronouns; new types and declension of adjectives (quantifiers, nationalities, numbers, comparative); new adverbs and adverbial clauses; indefinite, possessive, and relative pronouns. Additionally, Level 5 reviews Simple Imperative; declension on nouns, while also introducing the declension of new nouns and adjectives.

The Story: The adventure continues in level five. Students travel alongside Theseus on an amazing journey to the infamous labyrinth in Crete. Here, Theseus must defeat the Minotaur – a half-human, half-beast, monster – the future of Athens depends on it!

Practice: There is thorough practice of all skills – Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking – in each unit as well as a featured grammar point. Teachers and students are given all the tools necessary for the Level 5  path toward certification and fluency.

Student’s & Activity Books: Students Book contains 15 lessons, and 3 review sections. A myriad of exercises and activities can be found for each lesson in the Activity Book, as well as a special cultural sections with plays, poems, readings and activities.

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