GX Level 5 Activity Book

New GX integrated learning series Activity Book


Learning points

  • Expansion of grammar theory from Level 4
  • Introduction of past continuous and present perfect tenses of regular and irregular verbs
  • Introduction of simple imperative in irregular verbs, its negative form, and in conjunction with the weak form of personal pronouns
  • Expansion of subjunctive clauses
  • Introduction of new pronouns, adverbs, and adverbial clauses
  • Expansion of noun declension and introduction of the diminutive form of neutral nouns
  • Introduction of new adjectives and adjective declension
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Practice: There is thorough practice of sentence formation and writing in each lesson, as well as a featured exercises reviewing the grammar point learned. Teachers and students are given all the tools necessary achieve Level 5 goals towards certification and fluency.

The Story: The adventure continues in level five. Students travel alongside Theseus on an amazing journey to the infamous labyrinth in Crete. Here, Theseus must defeat the Minotaur – a half-human, half-beast, monster – the future of Athens depends on it!

Activity Book: Reinforces material learned in Student’s Book through 3 units, each comprised of 5 lessons and Storytime pages. Every lesson has exercises, puzzles, and new activities. The Storytime pages teach student’s how to form sentences with image recognition.

Culture Pages: Specially written and designed sections highlighting Greek heritage and culture. Include activities pages for important holidays and events with new vocabulary, common phrases and fun exercises. In addition there Level 5 poems, plays and prayers.


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