1Click on the Quizzes tab.



2 Click on the menu tab on the right corner to navigate.



3 Select the the Unit.



4 Select the Lesson and Exercise.



5 Answer each question by selecting the correct answer.



6 Use the side arrow keys to navigate from exercise to exercise.



7 When finished answering, submit your answers by clicking on the bottom icon.



8 To check overall performance click on Your Score.



9 Here we see the overall score for each unit.


10 For information on videos, click here.

Logging out

1Click on on the Menu Tab on the upper left hand side.



2Make sure and log out when you are done using the platform!


Extra resources

1Click on on the Menu Tab on the upper left hand side.



2Click on Extra Resources.



 3Select a category. Make sure and check in from time to time as resources will be added!



4Select a number from the top list.  To hear the number click on the speaker icon.



5Select a feeling from the top list.   To hear its pronunciation click on the speaker icon.



6Select a body part from the top list.   To hear its pronunciation click on the speaker icon.



7Select letter from the top list.  To hear the letter click on the speaker icon. To hear the word click on the 2nd speaker icon.



8Select a shape part from the top list.  To hear the shape click on the speaker icon.


9 For information on logging out, please click here.

My friends

1Click on on the Menu Tab on the upper left hand side.



2Click on the My friends tab.



3If your teacher has created student groups, here you can see your classmates progress and their avatars!


4 For information on switching levels, please click here.


Switching levels

1Click on on the Menu Tab on the upper left hand side.



2Click on on the Go to Map link.



3Select the level.



4Now you are on Level 2.


5 For information on extra resources, please click here.


Editing your profile

1Click on on the Menu Tab on the upper left hand side.



2Click on Go to Profile link.



3Add or change your student photo by clicking on the Edit Profile Button.



4Above is your avatar with the awards you have earned. See Basic Avatar shows the avatar without your awards. If you would like to change the appearance of your avatar click the Reset Avatar Button.



5At the very bottom of the screen we are given the option to Change Password. After you have entered new password make sure and click on the Reset Password button!



6Select your Timezone with the dropdown button.  By default the system is set to EST.


7 For information on games, please click here.


My progress

1The My Progress tab is where students and parents can check user performance.



2On the bottom left we see the XP points that have been earned, points earned for completed lessons.  Earned coins are awarded by completing the games, and can be traded in for avatar awards.



3At the top right are the Award Badges, which are  awarded when a student completes 5 units, which is the equivalent of 1 completed level.



4Student reporting data can be found at the bottom of the page. Data shown includes what has been completed, performance by percentage, and how many times the games have been played. Additional reporting metrics will be added to the platform once the quizzes have been added.


5 For information on my friends, please click here.



1Access the Ebook by clicking on the Ebook tab.



2Just like the Student’s Book, each level contains 5 units.



3Each unit contains 5 lessons and a review section with song and Storytime episode.



4Once inside the lessons, we see the structure and layout is the same as the Student’s Book.



5To go from page to page within the lesson, use the arrow buttons on the lower right hand side.



6Click on the red speaker icon to hear the audio from that section.



7Click on the red video icon to watch animated lesson video.


8 For information on my progress, please click here.




1Click the Videos tab.



2The Videos go along with sections from the Student’s Book.



Ongoing Storytime adventure videos from each Student’s Book!


Lesson videos bring the books to  life and reinforce subject matter learned.


Animated Song videos with original melodies and lyrics using only words already taught in lessons.



3Clicking on one of the categories opens all the videos. Above we see the lesson videos for level 2.



4Here we see a Lesson video from Level 2.



5Click for play options and subtitles.



6Greek subtitles.


7 For Ebook information on, please click here.



1The Games are accessed through each level’s island map. On the map there are circles with numbers. Each number represents a lesson from the Student’s Book and Ebook.



2The colors on each circle represent the student’s progress. It’s a great place for parents to quickly gauge their child’s activity! Double click on a circle to open that lesson’s games. Red circles are remained locked until the previous lesson has been completed.



3The tabs on the left represent each of the games for this particular lesson. To play a game, select and click on one of the game tabs.



4Each game directly reinforces subject matter from the Student’s Book & Ebook. It’s a great way for students to learn and remember what was taught!




5When the student completes each game, they are awarded coins. The green check mark appears indicates game has been completed.



6When the student completes all the games, the green check marks indicate the lesson has been completed.


7 For information on quizzes, please click here.