GX Level 6 Student’s Book

New GX integrated learning series


Learning points

  • Expansion of grammar theory from Level 5
  • Introduction of past perfect and future perfect tenses
  • Introduction of imperative continuous and its negative form
  • Verbs with direct and indirect object
  • Introduction of the first conditional
  • Expansion of noun declension and introduction of vocative case
  • Indefinite, interrogative, and demonstrative pronouns
  • Introduction of the genitive and accusative case, and placement of personal pronouns
  • New adjective types and comparative form of adverbs
  • Clauses of purpose and relative clauses
  • Introduction of direct and reported speech
  • Expansion of diminutive of nouns (masculine and feminine)
  • Phone etiquette and phrases used in special occasions
  • Level 6 interpersonal conversational and speaking
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Student’s Book: The curriculum reinforces the grammar taught at previous levels and includes an introduction to the following: the past perfect and future perfect tenses; the first conditional; the imperative continuous and its negative form, direct and reported speech; new types of adjectives, pronouns, clauses, and comparative form of adverbs; and prepositions of time. Futhermore, it covers how we answer the phone and what we say on special occasions. Additionally, Level 6 reviews verb tenses and the simple imperative; nouns, adverbs, and pronouns as well as expanding on noun use and introducing the vocative case.

The Story: Our adventure continues in Level Six when students meet Hercules! Will this great hero have the courage, bravery, and personal strength to conquer all twelve labors? Students begin at the 3rd labor when our main characters’ class attends a live theatrical performance.

Practice: There is thorough practice of all skills – Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking – in each unit as well as a featured grammar point with plenty of exercises for practice. Students receive the necessary tools to excel in Level 6  and continue their progress toward certification and fluency.

Speaking Practice: Each lesson contains a special conversational section which encourages and gives students the confidence to communicate orally with others.



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