GX Level 4 Student’s Book

New GX integrated learning series


Learning points

  • Expansion of grammar theory from Level 3
  • Introduction of Simple Subjunctive and Simple Imperative of regular and irregular verbs
  • Continuation and review of simple past and future tenses of regular and irregular verbs (also introduction of Future Continuous)
  • Introduction of Genitive case and conjugation of nouns
  • Introduction of Accusative form of nouns and prepositions that precede it
  • Introduction of new adjectives, adjective plural form, and adjective comparison
  • Introduction of indefinite and demonstrative pronouns, and personal pronouns in Accusative form
  • Level 4 interpersonal conversational and speaking


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Student’s Book: 3 units, each comprised of 5 lessons and a review section. Every lesson has new vocabulary terms, a lesson reading, grammar theory, practice exercises and a speaking section. The reviews have special Storytime episodes,  and review exercises. Other sections include an introduction, grammar notes, Greek-English and English-Greek glossary.  The beautifully illustrated pages bring the unique Greek heritage and culture to life!

The Story: The adventures of Niko and Eleni continue. Travel back in time with our heroes to ancient Athens (before it was called Athens, that is) to help the goddess Athena win a contest against the god Poseidon. Whoever wins the favor of the city’s citizens and Cecrops, the mythical half-man/half-snake king, earns the honor of naming the city!

Practice: There is thorough practice of all skills – Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking – in each unit as well as a featured grammar point with plenty of exercises for practice. Students receive the necessary tools to excel in Level 3 and continue their progress toward certification and fluency.

Speaking Practice: Each lesson contains a special conversational section which encourages and gives students the confidence to communicate orally with others.


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