Celebrating International Greek Language Day 2022 - Greek123

Celebrating International Greek Language Day 2022

Celebrating International Greek Language Day 2022

Celebrating International Greek Language Day 2022

Celebrating International Greek Language Day 2022


February 9th, 2022. International Greek Language Day

February 9th is International Greek Language Day. In 2017, it was proclaimed to commemorate, recognize, and celebrate the contributions of the Greek language to Western civilization throughout the centuries. This date was chosen because it is the official date of the Greek National Poet, Dionysios Solomos, who composed the national anthem, “Hymn to Liberty,” (Ύμνος εις την Ελευθερίαν).

Konstantinos Vlasis, the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, said, “This is not just a reminder of our language’s uninterrupted continuity through time. It’s also a recognition of the organization’s long-term global contributions.”

Greek Language History 

The Greek language dates back to approximately 3000BC, making it more than 5,000 years old. Its history stretches far back in time. The Greek Language is something more than just a language. It is inherently linked to the Greek national identity, and the hearts and minds of Greeks, who discovered the magic of expression and the wealth of their spiritual world in its words. In short, they found a way to establish themselves through time with their eternal creations.

Dionysios Solomos

Dionysios Solomos was an internationally recognized Greek poet and lyricist, who is now considered as the father of modern Greek poetry. He composed  “Hymn to Liberty” in 1887. In 1911, he became the first native-born citizen of Greece to be elected as a member of the International Academy of Poets. He died in 1917 at the age of 49, but his legacy lives on.

Honoring our national poet every year on the 9th February is a way to remember his words: “Does anything else occupy my mind but liberty and language?”

His excellent knowledge of Italian – gained from a long time of living in Italy – was never an obstacle to narrating his aesthetic, linguistic, and life’s progress in Greek. It is a narration etched into the birth of modern Greece. The millions of Greeks and many philhellenes in every corner of the world today are living examples of the language’s unparalleled charm.

The beauty of the Greek language

Anyone who knows a little Greek will know that what makes Greek so unique is its essence and attitude toward life. In their effort to interpret the world, the Greeks created words that give meaning to existence and guide us to what is actual and transcendent. These are words that precisely signify singular notions, ideas, and values: Democracy, Philosophy, Dialogue. This has been characteristic of the Greek Language throughout its history.

Learning the language

We believe that learning Greek is more than just learning a language. We have created our Greek language lessons and Greek learning textbooks to immerse you in the history, art, and traditions of the land that gave birth to Western culture as we know it, helping you learn grammar and pronunciation, while understanding its meaning and spirit.

We believe every learner should graduate from Greek123 with a genuine immersion in the culture so when you’re ready to talk in real life, you already have common ground with native speakers.

Start learning now by choosing one of our comprehensive packages:

Modern Greek Language Learning for Adults

Developed over the course of 65 years by Greek language expert, Dr. Theodore Papaloizos, Greek123’s textbooks have become the standard for serious high school, university, and adult learners.

They feature over 500 pages of content, a complete English-to-Greek dictionary, an audio program, and a Modern Greek Dialogues DVD.  The accelerated Modern Greek for Beginners module is ideal for self-directed students or as a supplement to classroom teaching.

Our advanced adult stream is based upon Advanced Modern Greek Part II, a seminal guide to truly mastering the language at its most nuanced and sophisticated level.

The advanced package also includes 333 Modern Greek Verbs, widely considered one of the best texts ever produced on verb conjugation.

Greek Language Learning for Kids 6-11

From age 6 to 11 children’s brains make profound strides, and our seven-level Greek language lessons are with them every step of the way.

Yo9ung students will be guided by fun characters just like themselves in the initial stages, making the learning process fun. As they get a little older, our texts mature as well,  as we introduce fascinating stories from Greek literature and mythology.

Core Student and Activity Books are supplemented by all the tools a language learner needs, including grammar and vocabulary exercises, English-Greek glossaries, and more.

Each lesson on the GX digital platform includes animated videos and songs, games, puzzles, and quizzes. Teacher’s tools include teacher’s guides, how-to videos, audio downloads, and student reporting.

Greek Language Learning for Young Learners

Our GX-integrated three-stage approach (preschool, kindergarten, kindergarten II) gently guides our littlest learners through the basics of reading, writing, speaking, and listening in Greek.

They’ll love meeting characters like Rita and Pi, the mischievous cat and mouse duo whose adventures across Greece always leave just enough time to sneak in lessons on how to form letters into words, recognize everyday objects, and master pronunciation.

Core Student and Activity Books are clearly divided into lessons and reviews, creating a structure that makes it easy to track your child’s progress.

Each lesson on the digital platform contains animated videos and songs, games, puzzles, and quizzes. Teachers’ tools include guides, how-to videos, audio downloads, and student reporting.


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