The GX Show

Completely Immersive Greek Language Learning Experience


Learning points

  • Greek language lessons for students of all ages
  • Completely immersive Greek language learning experience
  • Greetings skit and vocabulary
  • Family members skit and vocabulary
  • Food skit and vocabulary
  • Daily activities skit and vocabulary
  • DVD with 24 minutes running time
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Greek123 proudly unveils The GX Show!, a supplementary DVD teaching tool for young learners. Our exciting new program eases students into the world of Greek school using interactive learning strategies and our proven Greek123 methodology.


The GX Show! is a completely immersive Greek language learning experience that features four units, each containing: one skit, one lesson that includes a vocabulary section, and catchy songs set to well-known, beloved melodies. Your children will see themselves in our protagonists, Anna and Niko, as they begin Greek language school. They will laugh along with Manoli, the friendly monster puppet, who helps guide students through the early days of the classroom. Finally, they will learn valuable lessons from our teacher, played by none other than Greece’s esteemed actress, Ioanna Triantafyllidou. The GX Show! will excite your children about learning Greek and attending Greek school – and you’ll soon find the whole family singing along to our educational songs!

Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 8 × 6 × .1 in