Preschool - Kindergarten Package

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What Will I Learn?

This Level will teach you:

  • The letters of the Greek alphabet
  • Two words for every letter of the Greek alphabet
  • Proper Greek pronunciation of each letter

What Comes Next?

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Άλφα - Βήτα


  •  Greek alphabet for young children
  •  Fun and engaging new activities
  •  Dry-erase letter tracing pages
  •  Package includes: Άφλα - Βήτα Volumes I and II Textbooks, Coloring book, Sticker book, Alphabet Songs (CD), and Greek Songs for Children (DVD)
  •  Ideal for home and classroom
  • Dry-erase marker included with purchase


The Άλφα - Βήτα Package is designed for preschool-kindergarten classrooms and home use. It comes with a dry-erase marker, and each lesson features a dry-erase letter page - an added bonus that really excites children. Activities include coloring, tracing, matching, letter-puzzles and letter cutting exercises.The Songs CD is comprised of original songs for every letter of the Greek alphabet, and performed by children from Greece. Each song includes the sound of the letter, helping children easily memorize the proper pronunciation of each letter.

This proven system, utilized by 1000's of children worldwide, engages young students in hours of enjoyable learning and activities with the coloring and sticker books. The DVD “Greek Songs for Children” uses puppets, songs, karaoke and animation to teach Greek to children of all ages through a sing-along method. In combination, this learning system, teaches Greek in an easy, fun and engaging way and continues to be a favorite in homes and classrooms worldwide.


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This Package Includes:

PK - Kindergarten Vol I & II
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PK - Kindergarten Songs CD
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PK - Kindergarten Songs Dry Erase Pen
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Preschool-K One Sticker Book
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Preschool-K One Coloring Book
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Greek Songs for Children DVD
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Learn Greek the Easy Way!