Auxiliary Books and Materials

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Geography of Greece

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  • Intermediate Greek,  ages 9-Adult
  • Moderate level
  • Contains 124 colorful pages and 24 lessons
  • Expands Greek reading and comprehension
  • Ideal for home and classroom

The Geography of Greece is for student ages nine to adult. This reader visits the most famous and interesting sights of Greece. Greek cities, islands, mountains, and the Greek archeological sites and myths behind them are explored. Topics include central and northern Greece, the Aegean and Ionian Seas, the Cycladic Islands and Aegean Islands, Crete, Thessaly, Macedonia, Epirus, Thrace, Peloponnese and more. All lessons contain a question and answer segment and provide hours of Greek language study.


A History of Ancient Greece

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  • Intermediate Greek, ages 10-Adult
  • Moderate to Advanced level
  • Supplemental Greek reading material
  • Contains 113 colorful pages and 46 lessons
  • Ideal for home and classroom

A History of Ancient Greece is for students ages nine to adult. The forty six  bilingual lessons write about the ancient times and locations of Greece. Lesson topics include the Minoan and Mycenaean Civilizations, the Persian Wars, the Golden Age of Athens, Sparta and Alexander the Great. Also included are chapter review sections and tests on the material in each lesson.


333 Modern Greek Verbs

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  • Advanced level, ages High School-Adults
  • Contains 414 pages 
  • English to Greek and Greek to English translations
  • Greek Verb reference guide for home and the classroom


333 Modern Greek Verbs contains 333 of the most popular Greek verbs, translated into English with examples of their idiomatic use. Verb tenses include present, past continuous, past simple, future continuous, future simple, present perfect, past perfect and future perfect; they are fully conjugated in both active and passive voice. Ideal for high schools and universities, 333 Modern Greek Verbs help students master the use of common Greek verbs.


225 Color Flash Cards

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  • 225 color flash cards with simple words
  • Each flash card measures 3 1/4" x 5 1/4"
  • Both Greek and English translations
  • Builds vocabulary for children of all ages

The 225 Flash Cards with color images of simple words help students with vocabulary practice. A simple English word and its image is on one side and it's Greek translation on the opposite side. The flash cards provide hours of fun for students while they test and build their Greek vocabulary.


Classroom Posters



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  • 10 posters covering introductory objectives
  • Each poster measures 24" x 17"
  • Large and easily visile in classroom
  • Builds vocabulary for students of all ages

Set of 10 includes: Alphabet, Animals, Body Parts, Days & Months, Family, Food, Numbers, the National Anthem, Transportation, and Verbs.

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