Our Method
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Our Method

Our unique approach to teaching Greek as a second language combines our proven, traditional teaching methods with technology. This carefully organized and structured method uses textbooks and a plethora of teacher’s resources that, combined with our digital platform, create innovative, motivating courses, which both teachers and learners will enjoy.

A step-by-step, level-by-level, proven roadmap to fluency.
The curriculum begins with topic-based lessons that build a solid
foundation of the Greek language with each sequential level building upon the last.

Organized and structured lessons from the Student’s Book and eBook make it easy to teach. The levels are clearly marked and separated, giving teachers a clear understanding of their students’ progress at all times.

There is thorough practice available for all skills – Reading, Writing,
Listening, and Speaking – in each unit, as well as a featured grammar point.

This is a carefully organized teaching method with specific goals and aims that will lead children to become fluent in the Greek language, thus enabling them to earn a varietly of standardized certifications.