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Curriculum Guide

This simple guide is designed to give  students of all ages an overview of our products and help them determine where  to begin to learn Greek. It will  guide you through our three product lines and direct you to the additional products designed to enhance and accelerate learning.


Our Curriculum

Our curriculum materials include readers, workbooks, activity books, audio CDs, DVDs, mobile apps, and interactive computer products. Every item is part of a designed learning system for students based on their age, level of fluency, and desired pace. Our classic readers and workbooks are supported by spoken, visual, and interactive tools needed to learn Greek. The support materials make the difference in success and we encourage their use for all students.


Ages 3-6

If your child is age three to six we recommend they begin with the Preschool-Kindergarten line. This line is filled with fun activities designed to hold children's attention and stimulate their imagination as they learn. After completing this line the child will be prepared for Level One.

Ages 6-Adult

If your child is six or above or you are an adult who wants to learn Greek at an easier pace we recommend the Level One to Level Six. Due to its easy method many adults choose to begin with  Level One and continue through to Level Six. Upon completion of this line the student will have a good command of reading, writing, and speaking Greek.

High School-Adult

If you are of high school age and older you may want to consider our Advanced  One and Two product line. These materials are used in high schools and universities around the world and are a proven learning solution for the serious student.

Additional Products

In addition to our three product lines we offer a wide variety of learning tools in the form of auxiliary books, computer learning, mobile apps for iPhone and iPad, DVDs and CDs. They are available for students of all ages and levels of fluency.

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