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Reporting & Student Progress

1Teachers can check reporting and student progress via Manage Schools dropdown.



2Select the class from the dropdown menu.



3Select a quiz from the dropdown menu.



4We see a list of students who have completed the quiz.



5Quiz score shows each student’s overall correct answer percentage for this quiz.



6To see each a students answers, click on the Detailed Report icon for that student.  



7Click on view link to see each answer. Green indicates answer was correct and red shows the correct answer.



8Select School Course Report to see overall student progress.



9Select Course.



10We see  the overall progress for each student. The percentage indicates how many videos, games, and Ebook sections the student has viewed and marked complete. 



11Select Student Records to access student login data. This feature is for admin only.



12This list shows each student’s last login date. This feature is for admin only.



13For information on Changing Profile Picture and Cover Photo, please click here.