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Learning Greek and 3 Benefits of Being Bilingual

Learning Greek and 3 Benefits of Being Bilingual

Learning Greek and 3 Benefits of Being Bilingual

Learning Greek and 3 Benefits of Being Bilingual


There are many benefits of being bilingual. In fact, learning a second language could be one of the best things you do for your mental health. For example, a study found that bilingual people are less likely to suffer from depression and anxiety than monolinguals.


As a parent, you need to provide your child with every advantage possible to improve their lives. Better health and cognitive performance, as well as academic performance and career prospects, are all part of the goal.


Learning Greek can help you understand another alphabet and learn more languages quickly. In addition, Greek is a language that contains a large share of English words, which means you’ll be able to jump right into other European languages with ease!


Learning a second language is often tricky, but the benefits are worth it.


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Here are a few ways that learning Greek and being bilingual can benefit you:


Brain growth

No doubt learning a second language makes you a wiser person. Scientists have  shown that the brain’s language center expands! The quizzes, games, and puzzles on Greek123.com are an easy and entertaining way to learn Greek and flex the brain muscles.


Improved memory

The ability to hold information for an extended time and concentrate is the description of working memory. It’s crucial for learning, but how does learning Greek apply?


Researchers from the University of Granada investigated working memory development in monolingual and bilingual children. They reported that not only does bilingualism improve working memory, but it also affects the global expansion of executive functions in the brain!


Better decision-making skills


Research suggests that the bilingual brain’s steady extra work in selecting words (tree – δέντρο) can enhance brain activity, allowing for better focus, multitasking, and memory capacity. On the other hand, bilingual and multilingual children build empathy more quickly from a very early age, according to evidence. Even when they grew into adults, scientists studied students before and after mastering a foreign language, showing a significant change in brain connections that led to substantial information processing.


The benefits of learning Greek, specifically, include: 


The top benefit is the ability to communicate in a language that has been spoken for thousands of years and is continually refined to convey ideas with high precision and logic. With its vast list of stems, roots, and suffixes, it contains thousands of words in both Greek and other European languages.


Apart from gaining a greater understanding of many elements that have affected the English language’s structure and content, children also gain an advantage in learning other languages.


Last but not least, learning Greek is essential for taking your child back in touch with his or her Greek heritage and identity. Learning Greek allows children to better understand their parents’ or grandparents’ homeland, leading to a better understanding of the rich cultural heritage they carry.


Time Tested


Did you check our curriculum guide? 


Greek123 offers various levels for learners. Young learners from ages 3 to 6, school-age level from 6 to adult, adult-level from 16 and up are available. 

After choosing your age level, the next step is to select your fluency level: Are you a beginner, an intermediate, or an advanced Greek speaker

If you have any questions about deciding your fluency level, feel free to send an e-mail to us. With our experienced Greek teaching background, we can quickly help you decide.





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