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Did you know you speak Greek?

Did you know you speak Greek?

Did you know you speak Greek?

Did you know that you speak 25% Greek?

In other words, it is likely that every one word out of four is Greek. As well as Greek mythology is present and known in various places on the earth, so does Greek. Greek can be traced in various languages. “In our planet, there were dinosaurs.” Did it sound Greek? Maybe not, but did you know that the words “planet” and “dinosaur” come from Greek? 33% of the sentence was in Greek. Galaxy, planet, sarcasm and marathon… Yes, they are all Greek. What’s next? Now, it is time to learn Greek online. Learning Greek is as easy as counting up to 3 with Greek123. 1, 2, 3, it is time for Modern Greek language courses online with Greek123!

You can be a tourist looking at the Aegean Sea from astonishing Greek islands- Santorini, Mykonos, Paros, Naxos, Kos, or other 6,000 beautiful islands- or you can be a student in Ohio waiting for your Greek class to end, a TV-series lover looking for movies Googling watch Greek online free, a language geek who wants to learn Greek grammar online, or a business woman interested in learning languages, whoever you are, our platform is for you. Either online or in print our Greek resources are easily accessible. Join our Greek school online!


Why Greek?


Reason-1, Interesting culture:

Let’s talk about Greek culture. According to legend, Gods were distributing the Earth to people. Some received Canada, some received the United States, some received Italy. Countries such as Russia and Finland were late therefore they received the cold places. However, Greeks come latest but there was no land left. Then, Gods decided to give the lands that they saved for themselves. This is just a story from Greek culture, there is a lot more to discover!



Reason-2, Greek inventions: Starting from Ancient Greece, Greek people contributed to humanity significantly. They invented the water mill, the odometer, cartography, the alarm clock, Olympics, medicinal practices, modern Western philosophy, democracy and modern science.





Reason-3, influential Greek people: Along with various crucial inventions, Western philosophy has its roots in Ancient Greece. Parmenides, Anaxagoras, Anaximander, Empedocles, Zeno, Pythagoras, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Thales were all great Greek philosophers. Their works are available in different languages but reading a piece in its original language is a unique experience. Expressions, thoughts and handful culture elements cannot be translated into other languages. Therefore, you can open gates of Ancient Greek culture with Greek123 Ancient Greek online course learning packages. With Greek123 curriculum, you will build a strong Greek language skills that will allow not only travel back to Ancient Greece but also fly to modern Greece. After you buy our packages, you will not only learn to speak Greek online free but also you will be able to teach yourself Greek online.




Reason-4, Challenge for your brain: Also, did you know that learning another alphabet improves your brain skills? Greek, Armenian, Russian are some languages that do not use Latin alphabet. That is why Greek is a language that helps you to get out of your language comfort zone.

For children, learning another language will help them to increase their critical thinking and to be able to look from different perspectives. Along with becoming a world citizen, they will also respect other cultures. Also, children have high potential in languages. As they are young, they will be able to improve themselves easily in Greek.

The others like online Greek with Greek123, and you?




Greek Learners

If you think Greek is cool but rather prefer stay away, fear not! With Greek123 educational packages, along with being able to write Greek on your resume, it will also boost your English. By learning Greek words you will be able to distinguish English words with Greek roots and guess accurately although you may not know them.

Our books, flash cards, platform, and all resources are designed to create a comfortable learning environment. Can you learn Greek online with games, videos or other materials? Our Modern Greek online course is a proved way to learn Greek.

Resources are regularly updated. Real life connections and up to date vocabulary choices are a great deal of help for learning Greek. You can plenty of Greek conversations online in our website. Best online Greek language courses are here!

Please take a look at our packages available. Preschool package, kindergarten packages with two different stages, seven different levels for school age, two different levels for adults helps users to go thoroughly over each level. While increased levels for school age helps young learners to have a smooth learning experience, two levels of adult Greek learners help to cover various topics from top to bottom.

Engaging songs, videos, animated stories, which are available on our website and in our different packages, enhance learning experience! Funny videos, interesting time travels to Ancient Greece are waiting for you! Do you want to learn Greek language online free? Are you looking for Greek language lessons online free? Our prices are budget-friendly and way better than free online Greek language courses.

Are you ready for a new adventure, are you ready to go to Athens in Ancient Greece, wearing a cloak and a tunic? The best way to learn Greek online is Greek123. Bring your Greek123 textbook, with our packages, there is a lot to discover! Your online Greek tutor Greek123 is at your service.




Different Stages in Learning Greek

As you can check from our website, depending on your age group, there are various levels. Every age group is thoughtfully designed for differentiating learning abilities. Different methods for each group are enhanced through our long years of experience in teaching Greek to different age groups. Native Greek speaker professionals create, edit and publish our packages with great attention.

As professional Greek teachers, we know that different age groups need different concentrations on skills. That is why compartmentalization helps the learning process. Testimonials show that following Greek123 curriculum did not only help people to learn Greek, but also discover an efficient way of learning a new language.

Cartoons, videos, songs, colorings and various activities are present in our packages for kids. While listening to a song, you can follow songs from textbooks provided.



Greek Teachers, Schools

If you are a Greek language teacher looking for the best and affordable resources for your Greek classes, our website provides best opportunities possible for you. Different and detailed Greek levels help you to cover everything you need. All levels are available online or in print.

Speaking, writing, reading and listening exercises improve your students’ Greek language abilities. Interesting animated videos increase students’ enthusiasm and success. In addition, we provide special instructions to teachers to ensure the quality and help the teachers.

For your students, student’s book, activity and culture book, digital subscription will be provided. For you, free teacher digital access, teacher’s guides, assessments, audio downloads and digital reporting will be provided. You will follow the units with your students with no additional cost, have an opportunity to use listening exercises, and get feedback about your students’ performance. We decrease the time you need for preparing materials and therefore you can work more efficiently.




You can assign reading books to your students for each unit. Thus, students will not only practice exercises in the book, read some pieces, but they will also have a chance to follow a story while seeing different grammar uses.

If you are a school thinking about purchasing our educational packages, we would love to help you. You should no longer search for Modern Greek language lessons online free, Some of unique offers for schools include discounted prices, updated product catalogs and easy to use order forms. Before purchasing, schools can ask for samples.

After learning Greek with our platform, nothing in Greek will be Greek to you! You do not have internet connection or you have a class to teach? We’ve got you covered, κανένα πρόβλημα, no problem. We have delivered our books to USA, Australia, Canada, UK, Cyprus and various other countries. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out. We would love to help.




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