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Learn Greek in 2022

Learn Greek in 2022

Learn Greek in 2022

Learn Greek in 2022

Your New Year’s Resolution

If you’re like most people, you’re probably making resolutions for the new year. There’s nothing like the roll-over on that calendar to make you take stock and think about how to become your best self.

Learning a new language is a great way to ramp up your self-improvement game. If your goal is to learn Greek, how can you make sure you turn something new into a long-term habit to become fluent in Greek?

You probably already know the benefits of learning any language at all, so why learn Greek in particular?  Why should Greek learning be your new year’s resolution?

Greek is the official language of Greece and Cyprus, it is one of the oldest languages, one of the first Indo-European languages ever written, and the most extended history of alphabetic graphology. 

Numerous words arrive in English directly from Greek. Approximately 35% of English words come from Greek words. As a result, students who learn Greek can better understand and identify root words, enhancing their English language vocabulary while learning Greek.

Greek is the language of philosophy. Still, it is also the language of STEAM — an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Architecture, and Mathematics. And by learning Greek, students can have a deeper understanding of these terms in their original forms.

Here are the top tips for ensuring you accomplish your Greek language learning New Year’s resolution:

1. Frequent

It’s brilliant if you devote a small amount of time every day to practicing your Greek language. You will improve your Greek language skills if you put in the effort and reach out for opportunities! 

Many options are accessible, including videos, podcasts, and articles available free on the internet.

2. Have confidence!

This is mainly aimed at your determination in Greek learning. Therefore, try to think positively and believe in your proficiency. Even if you are skeptical about something, just go for it! After all, if you say it wrong, you will be corrected and learn from your mistakes.

Learn how to set goals successfully – Use the SMART Method!

Do you want to learn Greek successfully?

Create SMART Goals

SMART is an acronym for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound.

1. Specific

Be clear about what your goal is. Rather than simply making your New Year’s resolution to “speak Greek,” choose the particular kinds of skills that you want to learn. For example:

  • Be able to greet someone in Greek
  • Be able to order something entirely in Greek
  • Be able to have a dialogue
  • Be able to give a presentation on a particular subject in Greek

Making your goals specific will help you focus your learning activities on precisely what you’re trying to achieve.

2. Measurable

Why should your goals be measurable?

Because it keeps you motivated. 

Learning a language takes time. And it happens slowly. That means that there will frequently be times when  you’re putting in some serious  effort without necessarily seeing any results.

But if you find a way to measure your improvement, you will see how much you are improving, and that will help you stick with the process. 

3. Attainable

Make your goal something you can accomplish. If it’s too hard, you’ll give up. Look for something you can reasonably expect to achieve if you put in the work.

4. Relevant

You will probably be thinking how good it would be if you learned Greek. But is it important enough to you? 

If you choose your goals wisely, you will continue working at them.

5. Time-bound

Give yourself a time limit.

Remember when you were at school and had to write an essay the night before it was due?

Deadlines give us the feeling of pressure.


You can set your timeline for your Greek language learning, and you will know how you will be able to work at it. 

Following these SMART Goals for your language learning will help you learn Greek eventually. 

So, get started. 

Set your language learning goals for 2022 and get started learning Greek.


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