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Do you speak Greek? Greek language lessons

Do you speak Greek? Greek language lessons

Do you speak Greek? Greek language lessons

Do you speak Greek? Greek language lessons


Let’s travel through time with some interesting facts: the Greek language has been spoken since the third millennium BC. The earliest written evidence was found in Messinia, the creation of which is around 1450 BC. The Greek language is the world’s oldest living language. From ancient Greece, to Byzantium and modern Greece as we know it today, many things have changed. The core of the language remains pretty much the same, with thousands of words in English deriving from Greek ones.


“It’s all Greek to me,” an expression to describe the feeling of someone who can’t understand a word, may be funny. The Greek language isn’t that easy for those who don’t have a “Greek” bone. But who doesn’t know democracy, politics, marathon, phenomenon, crisis, ethos, program, philosophy? Apparently, the Greek language will not be that “Greek” to you if you wish to indulge in the philosophy, the structure and the magic of the Modern Greek language learning.

Let’s talk Greek in 1,2,3 steps:




Speaking Greek


“Μιλάτε Ελληνικά;” – “ Do you speak Greek?”

“Μιλώ πολύ λίγο.”- “ I only speak a little Greek.”

“Καταλαβαίνετε ελληνικά;” – “ Do you understand Greek?”

“Λίγο.” – “Just a little.”

“Ο κύριος και η κυρία Σμιθ μιλούν Ελληνικά;”- “Do Mr. and Mrs. Smith speek Greek?”

“Όχι, ο κύριος και η κυρία Σμιθ δεν μιλούν ελληνικά.” –  “No, Mr. and Mrs. Smith don’t speak Greek.”


Greek language lessons


One step at a time! Many of us may understand Greek words or even expressions, but we find it difficult to speak. If you ever visit Greece, you will find out yourself that many Greeks speak English. This is your best chance to improve your level of apprehension! For example, in case you don’t understand, don’t feel embarrassed; just ask the person who is talking to you in Greek to speak a little slower. It is vital that you express yourself!



Singular: “Μπορείς σε παρακαλώ να μιλήσεις πιο αργά;” –  “May you please speak more slowly?”

Plural: “Μπορείτε σας παρακαλώ να μιλάτε πιο αργά;”

“Μιλάω πολύ λίγο ελληνικά.” – “I only speak a little Greek.”

“Μιλάω άπταιστα ελληνικά.” – “I speak Greek fluently.”

“Μιλάτε Αγγλικά;” –  “Do you speak English?”

“Καταλαβαίνω Ελληνικά αλλά ντρέπομαι να μιλήσω!” – “I understand Greek but I am ashamed to talk.”

“Πώς λέγεται στα ελληνικά το ….;” –  “How do you say… Greek?”

“Συγχαρητήρια! Μιλάς πολύ καλά. Εχεις κάνει μεγάλη πρόοδο” – “Congratulations! You speak very well. You have made great progress.”



Greek language lessons


The basic words concerning the subject above are the following:

Word: λέξη

Phrase, sentence: Φράση, πρόταση

Meaning: Νόημα

Grammar: Γραμματική

Mistake: Λάθος

Correction: Διόρθωση

Speak: Μιλάω

Talk: Συζητάω

Conversation: Συζήτηση

Dialogue: Διάλογος

Write: Γράφω



Modern Greek language learning


You must also have in mind that Greeks speak loudly, they often sound like they disagree with each other! And they do talk all together (even on television talk shows!). So, you will often find yourself in the position of hearing the following phrases:

“Μην φωνάζειςσε παρακαλώ. Καταλαβαίνω τι θέλεις να πεις” – “Please, don’ tshout. I understand what you want to say.”

“Μπορείς να χαμηλώσεις τον τόνο της φωνής σου σε παρακαλώ;” – “Can you please keep your voice down?”

“Μην μιλάτε όλοι μαζί σας παρακαλώ. Δυσκολεύομαι να σας καταλάβω!” – “Please, don’t talk all together. I have a hard time understanding you!”

“Μπορείτε να μιλάτε σας παρακαλώ ο καθένας με τη σειρά του;” – “Canyoupleasespeakonepersonatatime?”

Afterall, aren’t’ you ready to say: δεν μιλάω καλά Ελληνικά, αλλά θέλω άμεσα να μάθω!


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