Greek Independence Day - March 25th, 1821 - Greek123

Greek Independence Day – March 25th, 1821

Greek Independence Day - March 25th, 1821

Greek Independence Day – March 25th, 1821

Greek Independence Day – March 25th, 1821


Happy Greek Independence Day! Celebrations for this national anniversary are a big part of school traditions all over Greece and in Greek Schools around the world.

On this day in 1821, the Greeks declared their independence from the Ottoman Empire. After centuries of being controlled by one entity or another, the Greeks finally had the chance to chart their own course. This event was pivotal not only for the Greeks but also for the entire Balkan Peninsula and Europe. On this day, the Congress of Vienna recognized Greece’s independence, paving the way for a more peaceful region and a stronger Europe.

The Greek Orthodox Church also celebrates on this day the religious holiday of the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary when the Archangel Gabriel appeared to her telling she would conceive and become the mother of Jesus, the Son of God.


25th of march

How do Greeks Celebrate the 25th of March?

Most Greek cities honor this day with parades and other festive events. The main events are the military parade in Athens on the morning of March 25th, as well as many school parades all over the country.

Also, many Greek Schools and Greek Communities around the world celebrate this day by doing festive events like musical programs and theatrical plays.

On March 25th, it is also a tradition to gather with family and friends and eat fish. Since this day is a religious celebration and always falls in the “fasting period” before the Easter celebration, most people avoid eating meat. That’s why the traditional menu for March 25th is the so-called “bakaliaros skordalia”. It is fried cod accompanied by a strong garlic sauce. Delicious!

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