Greece is all around us! Speaking Greek - Greek123

Greece is all around us! Speaking Greek

Greece is all around us! Speaking Greek

Greece is all around us! Speaking Greek

Greece is all around us! Speaking Greek

You must have noticed it: whenever two Greeks meet, it is only natural to ask each other where they are from. It is not a matter of curiosity rather than a question of real interest. Getting to know where your acquaintance comes from is a happy reminder of Greece anyway. Wanting to know further details, travels you back, either you have been to the specific place or not. The question “where are you from” is always part of the process! Apart from that, it is a great way to learn about places, traditions, habits or even gourmet recipes, historical facts, funny stories and Modern Greek language lessons.

So, let’s find out how we ask “where are you from” in Greek watching this helpful video:


Speaking Greek




“Από πού είσαι;” – “Where are you from?”

“Είμαι από την Ελλάδα.” – “I am from Greece.”

“Πού μένεις;” – “Where do you live?”

“Μένω στην Αθήνα.” – “I live in Athens.”

“Είσαι παντρεμένος;” – “Are you married?”

«Ναι, είμαι.” – “Yes, I am.”

“Έχεις οικογένεια;” “Do you have a family?”

“Μάλιστα έχω.” – “Yes, Ido.”

“Πώς λένε τη γυναίκα σου;” – “What is your wife’s name?”

“Τη γυναίκα μου τη λένε Μαρία. – “My wife’s name is Maria.”


Greek language lessons

He would most probably live in Athens, as half of Greek population lives in the capital! Let’s learn some useful expressions more. Keep in mind that verbs vary considering the tense, the voice, the person and the number. So do nouns and adjectives, depending on the number, the person and the gender. Don’t worry, once you start learning, everything will flow!


“Γεννήθηκα στην Ελλάδα.” – “I was born in Greece.”

“Κατάγομαι από την Ελλάδα.” – “I come from Greece.”

“Οι γονείς μου γεννήθηκαν στην Ελλάδα και ήρθαν στις Η.Π.Α ως μετανάστες.” – “My parents were born in Greece and they immigrated to USA.”




Greek language lessons


Every family has a special story and it is always so interesting to find out your family tree. Especially those of the Greeks, many of whom had to move from town to town in Greece, or migrate to other countries. This is why dialects and traditions mingle and are inherited from generation to generation. Members of a family may have different citizenships and nationalities. Here is an index of greek words:

Nationality: εθνικότητα

Citizenship: υπηκοότητα

ID: ταυτότητα

Passport: διαβατήριο

Place of birth: τόπος γεννήσεως

Date of birth: ημερομηνία γεννήσεως

Heritage: κληρονομιά

Family: οικογένεια

Family tree: οικογενειακό δέντρο


Modern Greek Language Learning

Travelling across the seven seas separate greek families but weddings are always a joyful occasion to party and get together. Relatives will travel to Greece to attend a wedding and visit their birthplace. As weddings in Greece usually take place in summer, what a better place to be than Greece, right? Tanned, relaxed, happy and with a few greek words to impress everyone!



Είμαι παντρεμένος: Ι am married (male)

Είμαι παντρεμένη: I am married (female)

Να ζήσετε! Congratulations! (The wish for longevity, commonly used at weddings)

Γαμπρός: groom

Νύφη: bride

Νυφικό: wedding dress

Εκκλησία: church

ξωκλήσι: chapel

Κουμπάρος: best man

Ταξίδι μέλιτος: honeymoon

Ευχαριστώ που με καλέσατε: Thank you for inviting me!

Ας βγάλουμε όλοι μαζί μια φωτογραφία: Let’s take a picture all together.

Feeling ready to go to Greece? Wait until you find out about Papaloizos method developed and improved since 1957:



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