Online Greek Lessons - Level One


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The new Online Tutor for Level One is designed for use with the reader and workbook and assists students in learning Greek. It dramatically improves the learning experience of students by adding interactive reading and writing exercises and enhanced self study time to their curriculum. The twelve month subscription is intended for single users. Discounted multi-user licenses are available for classrooms. This newest innovation has changed the way Greek is learned in homes and in classrooms.

Online Tutor Benefits


Each of its 43 lessons follows the level one reader and includes animated video, spoken vocabulary, spelling, speech recognition, and a comparative pronunciation feature. Here’s what the Online Tutor does:
  • Engages the student with fun and colorful interactive lessons
  • Easy to use with new help features
  • Available in twelve month single user or multi-user subscriptions
  • Helps to perfect speaking skills with comparative pronunciation
  • Extends lessons beyond the limit of the classroom
  • Keeps students involved in Greek over summer vacation
  • Gets parents involved in their children's studies
  • Encourages student progress with online assignments, quizzes, and a final exam


Praise for the Level One Online Tutor


“Having the online tutor to help the children work at home
with their parents is a great asset! It makes a big

“Parents love using the tutor as much as the children do.”

“You have done an incredible job. The Online tutor is so easy
for the students to use.”

“The Tutor is very intuitive and user-friendly; including the tabs that
allow the students to move from one activity to the
next, the recording tool, and the keyboard. Students with
previous knowledge will also be pleasantly surprised by
the fact that they can use their own keyboard to type
in Greek”
“The tutorial for Level 1 is almost perfect from my
perspective. I love every part of it.”

“I commend you for the massive steps you have taken in
language training. It's really cool (may I be that simple)
in the way word, picture and pronunciation work together.
You've made tremendous strides in teaching the Greek
language, and I sincerely wish you good luck with all your
future developments.”
Learn Greek the Easy Way!