Preschool-K One Sticker Book

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What Will I Learn?

The Level will teach you:

  • The letters of the Greek alphabet
  • Simple everyday Greek words

What Comes Next?

Sticker Book

  •   Greek for kids, ages 3-6
  •   Easiest level
  •   Reinforces the lessons from the reader through fun activities
  •   Contains 37 fun-filled pages and 81 large stickers
  •   Hours of entertainment for kids while they are actively learning Greek

The Sticker Book gives children the activity of matching stickers with images and Greek words. Word topics covered include the family, animals, fruit, colors, numbers and school. This oversized book will provide children with hours of fun while the student builds their knowledge of the Greek alphabet and language.

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Paperback: 37 pages

ISBN: 9780932416162

Product Dimensions:  11 x 8.5 inches


Learn Greek the Easy Way!