Level One Reader

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What Will I Learn?

This Level will teach you:

  • The Greek alphabet
  • Simple Greek words and sentences
  • Greek vocabulary

What Comes Next?

First Grade Primer, Reader


  •  Greek for beginners, ages 6-Adult
  •  Easy level
  •  Teaches reading and writing the Greek alphabet and simple words and sentences
  •  Contains 172 colorful pages and 42 lessons
  •  Ideal for home and classroom

The Level One Reader is for children six years or older and adults who want to learn Greek at an easier pace. Due to it's time proven simple method many adults choose to begin with this level and continue through levels two to six. Students will learn the Greek alphabet, letter combinations, simple grammar, and everyday Greek words and phrases. Subjects covered include the home and school, numbers and days, body and clothing, nature, animals and more. The Level One reader is used worldwide by children and adult beginners to Greek.

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Paperback: 172 pages

ISBN: 9780932416421

Product Dimensions:  9.75 x 7.25 inches


Edition: 3rd

Learn Greek the Easy Way!