Conversational One Reader

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What Will I Learn?

This Level will teach you:

  • Greek conversational skills
  • Everyday Greek conversation
  • Common Greek phrases

What Comes Next?

Elementary Conversational Greek One, Reader


  • Intermediate Greek, ages 6-Adult
  • Easy level
  • Simple conversations based on level one material
  • Contain 131 colorful pages, 22 lessons, and 17 Greek conversations
  • Teaches Greek conversational skills

The Elementary Conversational One Reader is designed for students ages six to adult. It contains lessons that include everyday Greek conversation and Greek-English  translations from the material in Level One. This reader provides students with the material they need to begin using Greek in basic everyday conversation.

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Paperback: 131 pages

ISBN: 9780932416759

Product Dimensions:  9.75 x 7.25 inches


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