Basic Greek Conversation

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Basic Greek Conversation

  • ISBN: 0932416772
  • Format: Paperback, 107 Pages
  • Publisher: Papaloizos Publications, Inc.
  • Pub. Date: August 1995
  • Series: Adult Series

Designed primarily for those interested in speaking Greek and to be able to hold everyday conversations.

An overview of the spoken Greek language with stress on repetition. Subjects include the greetings and salutations, numbers, colors, months, days, names, occupations, family, asking for directions, information for traveling, shopping, restaurants, and many other everyday experiences.

  • A Simple Way of Learning How To Speak Greek For Beginner's
  • Bilingual - Greek and English
  • 55 Lessons
  • Phonetic Introduction of the Greek Alphabet
  • Built in Vocabulary with Greek and English Translations
  • Seven Quizzes with an Answer Glossary
  • Topics include greetings, shopping, traveling, holding conversations and many other everyday experiences.
Learn Greek the Easy Way!