A Grammar of Modern Greek and Workbook

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A Grammar of Modern Greek and Workbook

  • ISBN: 9780932416454, 9780932416446
  • Format: Paperback, 150 & 73 Pages
  • Publisher: Papaloizos Publications, Inc.
  • Pub. Date: August 2005
  • Series: Adult Series

A bilingual Grammar with Greek pages on the right and English on the left. It is a methodical, simplified textbook of the Modern Greek grammar. Easy to understand, fun to read.

Completely different from the other Greek Grammar books. It presents piecemeal the different subjects.

  • You can learn or teach each subject separately
  • A Simple Way of Learning Grammar For Beginner's, Intermediate, or Advanced
  • The grammar book and the workbook are sold as one unit
Learn Greek the Easy Way!